Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Poor Baldwin ‘stalker’ forced to shop for bargains

She’s off the rack.

Drained by legal fees, Alec Baldwin’s accused stalker has been forced to hit the “super sale” bins these days.

“This is my Jackie Kennedy outfit,” said curvy blond seductress Genevieve Sabourin as she sashayed into court in a snug-fitting blue dress, black Burberry trench coat and black pumps.

Genevieve Sabourin said her fashionable duds were either on sale or from her previous life. “All my money goes to lawyers,” she told reporters.Photo: Steven Hirsch

“This was on clearance for $ 17 from Banana Republic on a super sale day from Woodbury Commons,” she declared proudly of the royal blue cotton dress as she clutched a Louis Vuitton tote bag. “I can’t afford to pay full [price] these days. All my money goes to lawyers.”

Her shoes harkened back to a more auspicious time. “These are Guccis from the life I had before,” she joked of the pricey 5-inch leather pumps with gold detail.

The vain vixen even whipped out a compact and touched up her pink lipstick as she waited for her court proceeding.

Judge Erika Edwards set a Nov. 6th trial date and reminded the excitable Canadian not to violate the restraining orders Baldwin and his new wife Hilaria took out against her.

Sabourin is charged with stalking and harassing the couple with a barrage of uninvited texts and appearances at their Greenwich Village and East Hampton homes.

As Sabourin turned to leave, Edwards called her back for one more admonishment.

“And you are not to have contact with the assigned assistant attorney under any circumstances,” she said sternly.

The kooky actress had approached and emailed Manhattan Assistant District Attorney Zachary Stenig on several occasions. “The DA simply hangs up on me,” said the chatty temptress.

The lovesick loon –- who has turned down no-jail plea deals — claims she had a night of passion with the star in 2010 when they worked on a movie together.

The “30 Rock” actor and his young yoga teacher wife may have to testify if the case goes to trial.

“We believe the charges are baseless and we expect full exoneration,” proclaimed her defense lawyer Todd Spodek. “She deserves her day in court.”

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